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Dr. Phil Austin, runs an osteopathic clinic at St Luke’s Care, which is located in Potts Point, Sydney. Phil offers wide-ranging treatment approaches that best suits you. We believe that each person is unique, and that treatment should be tailored to their individual needs and circumstances. A patient-centered approach means that the patient is an active participant in their own care, and that their preferences, values, and beliefs are considered when developing a treatment plan.

Osteopathy is a type of manual therapy that first focuses on treating and preventing musculoskeletal problems by using hands-on techniques such as massage, stretching and manipulation of the joints and muscles.

We also provide self-help exercises to compliment treatment they receive such as:

  1. Stretching exercises: an effective way to maintain or improve flexibility and range of motion.
  2. Strengthening exercises: to help improve muscle function and prevent injury.
  3. Posture correction: advice on effective ways to practice good posture by offering strategies for occupation, home-based and driving postures.
  4. Deep breathing: to reduce stress and improve lung function by teaching deep breathing exercises, such as belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, for a few minutes several times a day.
  5. Mindfulness exercises: advice for reducing stress-related muscle tension and headaches that include mindful body scanning, walking and breathing.

Best Osteopathy Services in Sydney

At Osteopath Sydney, Phil Austin, a dedicated and highly skilled osteopath in Sydney, is known for providing top-notch osteopathy services that prioritise your well-being and optimal health.

Why Us

Helping Sydney Experiencing Pain-Free Life For Over 25+ Years

Ergonomic assessments: Optimise your workspace for pain-free posture and movement.

Targeted osteopathic treatments: From neck pain and arthritis to frozen shoulders and plantar fasciitis, we address a wide range of musculoskeletal issues.

Pregnancy support: Expectant mothers can find safe and effective relief from back pain, sciatica, and more.

Persistent pain management: Dr. Phil’s expertise extends to chronic pain conditions, helping you regain control and improve your quality of life.

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Why Choose Osteopath Sydney To Find Relief

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Personlaised Patient-Centric Approach

We love to hear your uniqe story in detail. Communication is the key to estableish the relation between you and your therapist for a prolonged healing journey. Dr. Phil works closely with you, crafting a personalised treatment plan that fits seamlessly with your lifestyle.

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Empowering You

We believe in empowering you with knowledge. Throughout your journey, Dr. Phil will provide valuable insights into your condition and equip you with strategies for long-term pain management and optimal health.

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Warm & Relaxing Experience

Step into our warm and welcoming clinic, designed to priortise your comfort and well-being. We offer a calming atmosphere where you can truly relax and focus on your health.

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More Than Pain Relief

We address your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, promoting overall health and resilience. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your health and prevent future pain and discomfort.

Ready to reclaim your wellbeing and rediscover your body’s potential?

It’s time to feel your best once again. With our experienced and compassionate team, you’ll overcome any health challenges you’ve been facing. Let’s take the first step.

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Our clinic

The Osteopath Sydney is home to Osteopathy Australia. It’s a calm professional space nestled in Potts Point offering osteopathy, massage, other physical therapies, and a range of psychological therapies since ( 25+ years ).  Our clinic, housed within the historic St Luke’s Clinic at 20 Roslyn Street, offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere where your well-being takes centre stage. Whether you’re walking from Woollahra, Kings Cross, or Rushcutters Bay, or enjoying a stroll through nearby Campbell Street, your journey to a pain-free life begins here.

Our clinic in Potts Point is well-connected by public transportation, making it easy to reach from anywhere in Sydney. On-site parking is available for added convenience.


Phil graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 1997 and has gone on to complete a Masters and a PhD in Pain Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Working as both an osteopath and a researcher allows Phil to combine a broad range of osteopathic techniques and current evidence from his and others research to give a more integrated approach to healthcare.


What is osteopathy and how does it work?

Osteopathy, derived from the Greek words for bone (osteon) and suffering (pathos), is more than just a band-aid for pain. It goes beyond symptom management by targeting the root causes of pain and discomfort.  Osteopathy offers a comprehensive treatment approach that...

Osteopath vs Chiropractor: Which is Right for You?

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How can osteopathy help with shoulder pain and injury?

Shoulder pain and injury can disrupt your life, limiting your ability to perform daily tasks and enjoy activities. Fortunately, osteopathy offers a trusted and effective approach to addressing these issues.  At Osteopath Sydney, we believe in a personalised approach....

Can an osteopath help with jaw pain?

Jaw pain can be an incredibly uncomfortable and distressing experience for everyone - whether the sufferer is young, old, or somewhere in between. Jaw discomfort may not get as much attention as back pain or head pain - This does not imply, however, that jaw pain is...

What does an osteopath do for headaches?

Did you know that headaches are a prevalent health condition that affects over 6 million people in Australia? Whether it's a pounding migraine or a persistent tension headache, the pain and discomfort can significantly impact your daily life. Understanding the reasons...

How Can Help Osteopathy During Pregnancy

Welcoming the journey of motherhood is a miraculous experience, filled with joy and anticipation. However, the physical changes and challenges that accompany pregnancy can sometimes lead to discomfort and pain. Osteopathy during pregnancy offers a safe and gentle...

How to relieve arthritis pain?

Arthritis, a prevalent and frequently painful condition, affects a vast number of individuals worldwide. The inflammation of one or multiple joints leads to discomfort, stiffness, and hindered mobility. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis,...

Can Osteopathy Help With Plantar Fasciitis?

What else did you expect? After a long day, you finally rest your tired feet, only to be greeted by a stabbing jolt of pain the moment you rise. Plantar fasciitis – it's like your feet are staging a rebellion. Don't worry, this was bound to happen, given your daily...

How to Choose the Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Can you imagine starting each day feeling like you've had the best sleep of your life? Well, neck pain can often be the roadblock to that dreamy scenario. Surprisingly, neck pain is a pretty common issue, more common than one would imagine. It's like an unwanted...

Health Conditions That An Osteopath Can Treat

Osteopaths are dedicated practitioners who embark on a rigorous educational journey, culminating in a Master's Degree, to become the healers they are today. Their mission: is to provide holistic care that considers not only the immediate ailment but the...

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What is osteopathy?

However, Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine that focuses on the musculoskeletal system and its interrelationship with the body’s other systems. Osteopaths use a variety of techniques to assess, diagnose, and treat musculoskeletal problems and other health issues.

What are the main principles of osteopathy?

The main principles of osteopathy include the belief that the body has a natural ability to heal itself, that the body’s structure and function are interrelated, and that the musculoskeletal system plays a key role in overall health and well-being.

What conditions can osteopathy treat?

Osteopathy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, migraines, sports injuries, and digestive issues.

How is osteopathy different from other manual therapies?

Osteopathy is different from other manual therapies, such as chiropractic and physiotherapy, in its holistic approach to health and well-being. Osteopaths focus on treating the underlying causes of a patient’s symptoms, rather than just treating the symptoms themselves.

What should I expect during an osteopathy treatment?

During an osteopathy treatment, the osteopath will first take a detailed medical history and perform a physical examination. They may use a variety of techniques, such as massage, joint mobilization, and stretching, to help relieve pain and improve mobility.

Is osteopathy safe?

Osteopathy is generally considered to be a safe and effective form of manual therapy. However, as with any medical treatment, there are some risks associated with osteopathy, such as minor soreness or bruising after treatment.

Do I need a referral to see an osteopath?

In many countries, you do not need a referral to see an osteopath. However, it is always a good idea to check with your healthcare provider or insurance company to see if a referral is required.

How many osteopathy treatments will I need?

The number of osteopathy treatments you will need depends on your individual health needs and the severity of your condition. Some people may only need one or two treatments, while others may require ongoing treatment.

How can I find a qualified osteopath?

To find a qualified osteopath, you can search online or ask for recommendations from your healthcare provider or friends and family. It is important to choose an osteopath who is licensed and accredited in Australia with APRHA and Osteopathy Australia