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The effect of virtual reality on pain in people with spinal cord injury

Persistent unrelieved neuropathic pain is a major problem for a large proportion of people with spinal cord injury. The development of an accessible, inexpensive treatment with few side effects has the potential to benefit this large group of people who are impacted by pain.

Researchers :  Prof Philip Siddall, Dr Philip Austin, Prof James Middleton, Prof Ashley James, Dr Yvonne Tran, A/Prof Paul Wrigley. Site: Greenwich Hospital. Duration: July 2018 – Feb 2020.

A clinically relevant measure for assessing pain modulatory pathways

On completion of our research, it is hoped we can provide a new and simple technique for the assessment of persistent pain. By doing so, it will enable us to identify potential targets for treatment.

Researchers: Professor Philip Siddall, Dr Phil Austin, Professor Ali Asghari and Dr Dan Costa Site: Greenwich Hospital Duration: Feb 2014 to March 2018 Funding Source: Australia & NZ College of Anaesthetists Project Partners: University of Sydney Study Status: In Progress.

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Chronic Pain: A Resource for Effective Manual Therapy

The effective management of pain is a problem which confronts all manual therapists. I authored this book to provide a clear picture of our current understanding of pain mechanisms and shows how that knowledge should inform approaches to treatment. The knowledge of pain science that the book conveys will help the therapist select the best approach to the clinical management of each patient. Different types of pain disorder may require different management strategies which may involve only one discipline or, at other times, a multidisciplinary team which may also include medical clinicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses and other healthcare practitioners as well as manual therapists. The book is divided into three parts:

  • An introduction to the concept of pain and its neurophysiological mechanisms.
  • A review and discussion of current and potential evidence-based evaluation methods.
  • A review and discussion of common types of functional pain disorders.

This approach provides readers with a comprehensive reference to evidence-based information that should enable them to manage their clients’ pain as effectively as possible.


2018 The Russell Cole Award – Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (best grant application for work on effects of virtual reality on pain and brain function in spinal cord injury)
2018 Best research poster prize: Australian Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting for work developing a questionnaire measuring individual levels of central pain modulation
2015 The Russell Cole Award – Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (best grant application for work on assessment of endogenous pain modulation)​

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