Osteopathy for Tension headaches

Welcome to Osteopath Sydney, your sanctuary for holistic health in the heart of Sydney. If you find yourself battling persistent osteopathy for tension headaches, you’re not alone. Statistics reveal that approximately 3% of individuals grapple with chronic daily tension headaches, with women being twice as susceptible as men. Our expert team, led by Dr Phil Austin, is here to guide you towards relief, unveiling a path to a life free from the gripping discomfort of tension headaches.

Why See Us?

At Osteopath Sydney, we believe in a holistic approach to health. Our team, which specialises in osteopathy for tension headaches, focuses on uncovering the root causes rather than just alleviating symptoms.

Led by Dr. Phil Austin, our team brings a wealth of experience and cutting-edge research in pain medicine. Your care is in the hands of professionals committed to delivering high-quality, personalized treatments.

What Are The Triggers?

Some things can also make tension headaches worse or provoke them, including:

  • Tense muscles contribute to headaches.
  • Extended periods of driving can trigger tension headaches.
  • Incorrect posture and ergonomics, especially during typing or computer work, may lead to tension headaches.
  • Psychological factors, including stress and anxiety, can provoke tension headaches.

Tension Headache Symptoms

Tension headaches present various symptoms, including:

  • Pain in and around the head and scalp
  • Usually felt on both sides of the whole head
  • Felt at the back of the skull, temples, and above the eyes
  • Tight band feeling and pressure feeling
  • Gradual onset can last hours, days, or even weeks
  • Can be recurrent or persistent over long periods

Our Treatment Approaches

Headaches, a common ailment impacting the head, face, or neck, can escalate to chronic and severe levels, hindering day-to-day activities. Typically, sufferers with episodic tension headaches experience them once or twice a month, while people dealing with the chronic variant endure the discomfort for more than 60 to 90 days. Now, there are many treatments available for tension headaches, but we vouch for osteopathy, and there are reasons for it. 

Unlike quick fixes, Osteopathy delves into the root causes of tension headaches. Osteopathic treatment includes massage, gentle traction, and counterstrain techniques, which stretch and relax muscles and joints to relieve and release the tension that is the common cause of tension headaches. 

When you visit Osteopath Sydney for osteopathy for tension headaches, expect a comprehensive examination and diagnosis. Your osteopathic practitioner will begin with an examination and diagnosis to identify which muscle tightness might be causing the tension headaches. 

Our gentle techniques target associated muscles contributing to the headache. Your osteopath will provide instructions on headache management, including specific exercises, stretches, and relaxation techniques tailored to your needs.

We prioritise educating you on good posture and ergonomics, especially for activities like computer work. Understanding the triggers and factors exacerbating tension headaches empowers you to make informed lifestyle choices.

Who We Are

Dr Phil Austin and our Sydney-based team, well-versed in tension headache treatment, bring a blend of expertise and contemporary pain medicine research to your care. Experience personalised, top-tier treatments devised to alleviate your tension headaches effectively.

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